Ideal for mid-rise and high-rise buildings. The innovative system provides the performance of a customized elevator with the value you have come to expect from  It is available in standard but flexible configurations to meet each customer’s individual needs.

High performance computer module is built-in, which can control the operation of the lift safely, accurately and efficiently through the network commands and improve the passenger's comfort.

The functions of the lift are powerful and the lift is one of the top grade products in the world with intimately service and it can be used in various advanced office buildings, apartments, star hotels, etc.


offers custom configurations for your distinctive mid-rise and high-rise buildings.

Heavy-duty cabs and robust construction

Full range of architectural options

Shell cab for local customization

Schindler Remote Monitoring.

Volkslift and The PORT Technology

The elevator system is available with The PORT Technology destination-dispatch system as an optional upgrade.  PORT Technology provides access control, personalized service and traffic optimization.

Available configurations

The  traction elevator system is available in general purpose passenger and hospital/service applications.

Standard applications up to 350' of rise.

Speeds up to 500 fpm

Cab heights up to 10'

Entrance heights up to 8'10 1/2"

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